NG EarSafe Lite Open Ear Headphones

Experience the World of Open Ear Headphones that will allow you to keep your ears open & safe.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

1 Billion people are at risk from unsafe listening

1 in 4 people are projected to have hearing problems by 2050

37 Million People are at Risk of Distraction Danger When Wearing Headphones

Use of earphones for long hours while working online causes infections

Increased usage of plugged-in earphones may lead to ear infection during WFH.

Why EarSafe Lite?

Benefits of EarSafe Lite

Prevents damage to ear canal

EarSafe Lite sits on your ears but does not go inside your ears protecting your ear canal. By avoiding direct pressure on the ear canal, these headphones not only enhance your comfort but also contribute to the long-term health of your ears.

Stay aware of surroundings

Enjoy your music, stay connected with calls, and remain tuned into the world around you, all without the pressure or discomfort of traditional in-ear designs. They are a perfect fit for your daily routine applications.

Open Ear Comfort

Experience the next level of open-ear listening with the NG EarSafe Lite Open Ear Headphones, powered by our advanced 2nd Generation Air Conduction Technology. They offer crystal-clear sound quality without an immersive sound experience without blocking your ears.

Air conduction tech &
Open ear design

Embrace the world around you while enjoying your audio. NG EarSafe Lite's air conduction technology delivers sound through the earpiece without blocking your ear canal, allowing for ambient sound awareness. The open ear design promotes natural air flow and reduces the likelihood of bacterial growth, common in traditional earbuds. Designed for discerning listeners, NG EarSafe Lite provides not only comfort but also protection, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite sounds today without compromising your hearing tomorrow. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely walk or cycling through the city, your ears are protected, allowing you to stay connected to your environment and your health.

Dual pairing

The NG EarSafe Lite brings multitasking to your ears. With the innovative dual pairing feature, you can connect to your smartphone and laptop simultaneously. This means you can jump from a video conference to your favourite playlist without the hassle of reconnecting devices. It’s an ideal feature for those who juggle between devices for work and play, ensuring a smooth transition from business to leisure with ease.

No sound leakage

Preserve your personal audio space with the NG EarSafe Lite. The unique design prevents sound from leaking out, so you can immerse yourself in music or podcasts without disturbing those around you. This feature is especially useful in shared spaces like offices or public transport, offering a private listening experience without sacrificing the quality of your audio.

Dolby atmos (immersive sound experience)

Transform the way you hear the world with the NG EarSafe Lite, equipped with Dolby Atmos. This advanced audio technology wraps you in a sphere of sound, where each beat and melody has its own place, moving around you as in real life. Perfect for those who love to lose themselves in music, Dolby Atmos delivers a listening experience that's rich, detailed, and astonishingly vivid, putting you at the heart of every performance.

Ipx5 water resistant and sweatproof

Navigate your day regardless of the weather with the NG EarSafe Lite. Certified IPX5 water-resistant, these headphones resist rain and sweat, making them perfect for everything from an intense gym session to a jog in light rain. They’re built to ensure that your listening experience is uninterrupted by the elements, keeping you motivated and moving forward, no matter the conditions.

Easy wireless phone calls

Communication is clear and simple with NG EarSafe Lite. The built-in microphone and wireless connectivity ensure that taking calls is as effortless as tapping a button. Whether you’re in the middle of a workout or walking to work, you can enjoy crisp, clear conversations without ever needing to reach for your phone.

Maintain Situational Awareness and Safety

Always in the Moment

Wireless Phone Calls
Dual mic with dual pairing for everyday communication.
Outdoor Activies
Stay safe on roads without missing a beat.
Workout Partner
IpX5 Water & sweat resistant feature makes it an ideal workout partner.

Maintain Situational Awareness and Safety

Always in the Moment

Wireless Phone Calls
Dual mic with dual pairing for everyday communication.
Outdoor Activies
Stay safe on roads without missing a beat.
Workout Partner
IpX5 Water & sweat resistant feature makes it an ideal workout partner.

What's in the box

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Frequently Asked Question

 Is NG EarSafe Lite Waterproof?

It is Sweat Proof & Water resistant with IPx5 rating.

Is NG EarSafe Lite compatible with Android as well as iOS?

Yes, It can be connected to any Bluetooth device.

Can anyone hear our conversations?

No,The anti-leakage technology is strengthened to effectively reduce sound leakage.

Does it come with C-type charging?

Yes, it comes with C-type charging cable.

It works on which open ear technology?

EarSafe Lite works on Air conduction technology where sound is transmitted via tiny speakers at both the ends.

Can NG EarSafe Lite be connected with 2 devices at the same time?

Yes, it has dual pairing so you can switch your devices easily.

It looks like it sits on the ears. Does it go inside the ears?

No, it works on open ear technology where it will sit on your ears providing dolby sound. This will help you to keep your ears open, safe and won’t damage your ear canal.

Is there a return and replacement policy?

We offer 7 days no questions asked easy return policy and 1 year doorstep replacement warranty.

Is there any offer available?

You can get a flat ₹200 instant discount with any prepaid mode of payment.