About Us

Who are we?

We're not just a brand; we're architects of auditory responsibility.  Our open-ear headphones prioritize your hearing health with advanced technology. Welcome to NG EarSafe, where innovation meets responsibility, and your safety is our priority.

  1. Idea Originates

  2. 1st Prize at IIT Bombay, Pitch Competition

  3. Selected at AIC, NMIMS

  4. EarSafe launched

  5. 5000 Customers

  6. EarSafe Comm Launched

  7. Offline Expansion

  8. 100 Stores

  9. 10,000 Customers

  10. Expansion to UK


Revolutionize the way people listen and experience music.


Bringing safe listening in the form of NG EarSafe to every corner of the globe.