How do air conduction headphones work?

Air Conduction headphones are the safer and healthier way of listening to music. It is not surprising to know that people tend to get confused on which headphones are to be purchased. We have dug to the bottom to make you understand how air conduction headphones work. 

This technology has been around for many years, but it has become more popular in recent years due to its unique design and the many benefits it offers.

Air conduction headphones do not block out all ambient noise, which makes them safer to use in noisy environments. This is because they allow the user to hear ambient sounds while still being able to listen to music or other audio. This makes them ideal for use while running, cycling, or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Our inner ear allows airwaves to enter and vibrate the eardrum, which then transmits the vibrations to the inner ear. These vibrations are transformed into electrical signals by the inner ear, which our brains subsequently decode into sound.

In conclusion, air conduction headphones are an innovative technology that offer several advantages over traditional headphones. Whether you have hearing problems, need to keep your ears open, or simply want a more comfortable and safer way to listen to audio, air conduction headphones may be the perfect solution for you.